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Headquartered in Shanghai, China, ranked Global Top 12 international large chain hotel management group, advocating on the standardized, large-scale and scientific development

"Beauty Sleep”is a slogan that embodies the ultimate combination of exquisite hotel and a sweet sleeping experience, building the most beautiful premium hotel among its kind through elegant and fashionable space design and fast iteration, offering guests with new sleep experience beyond their expectations through upgrades of Bedding, Partition wall, lighting and healthy air environment .

LANOU combined with comfortable stay experience, artistic fashion style and humanism atmosphere by fashionable design, diversified services and unique art position, leading a beautiful way of travel.

We are one of the leading tourist & hotel chain brand operator, with ten hotel brands, including Thank U, Upandi, Orange Guest, JUN Hotel, Lanou Hotel, ALIYA, XUNLI,MIDI Hotel& Resort, home-stay brand Feronia Hotel.Our businesses cover economy hotels, mid and upscale hotels, homestays, white-collar apartments and others.

Diversified business covering the whole world

Ranked China's Top 5 and Global Top 16 international large hotel chain management group, advocating on the standardized, large-scale and scientific development, SUNMEI GROUP is creating a comfortable and enjoyable travel life for people worldwide.

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